What machines do we ride?

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At special events, members of the Victorian Highwheelers display and ride original 1880s bikes. These include some of the best: an 1885 55" Columbia Light Roadster. We also have a 54" 1881 Columbia Standard and an 1889 51" Columbia Light Roadster with beautiful nickel-plating. Still another is a 56" Gormully & Jeffry.

We also own a few significant repros including a red Victory model, a top quality reproduction manufactured in Orlando, FL, only the 14th one produced. 

Yet another is the highly regarded Kennedy model with 55" wheel.

Group members are thrilled to have the privilege of introducing today's folks to the Highwheel and other early riding machines. The Highwheels are demonstrated at festivals and special events. The Highwheel is a hit with kids ages 3 to 100, all of whom are delighted to witness a piece of history from the 1870s-1880s and one that sparked the development of personal transportation. The Highwheel is a fascinating part of our past. It's also the perfect example of art in motion. And for those two reasons, along with others, it's too important to be forgotten.

Always a hit at festivals & special events. Photo taken on 5-12-07 in Northumberland, PA, by Chris Sciacca

About us

Highwheels are are a hobby for Donald Serfass, Donald Shoup Dan Horengic and John Poponiak.

Serfass is a journalist for a daily newspaper after a 20-year career in corporate communications, first with the Advertising/Public Relations Dept. of Hess's of Allentown, PA and later as Director of Corporate Communications with the PA Blue Cross/Blue Shield network. In 2004, he became the first writer in Pennsylvania to win five individual Associated Press writing awards in one year, a record he matched in 2011. In 2002, Serfass took part in the Penn Ambassador program of the PA Historical & Museum Commission, Harrisburg, PA. He serves as volunteer vice president of the Tamaqua Historical Society and is former president of Downtown Tamaqua Inc., a federal Main Street program. In 1999, he co-managed the nomination of the 55-block Tamaqua National Historic District to the Registry of the National Park Service, a project which led him to the founding of the Victorian Highwheelers.

Donald Shoup is retired from a career at Metropolitan Edison and has been riding the Highwheel for 25 years. He enjoys golf and music, and has many years of experience in the field of drum corps, serving as a tenor drummer with the Blue Eagles Drum & Bugle Corps of Wind Gap, PA.

Member Dan Horengic is employed at Sealed Air Corporation, Paxinos, PA where he serves as a utility man. Dan is one of those guys who knows how to operate any machine you can name. But his real claim to fame is in the field of custom fabrication. Dan builds custom hillclimb bikes and some trials bikes components. He also races trials bikes. In fact, in 2008 Dan became the Mid Altantic States Vintage Trials Bike Champion.

Member John Poponiak, an avid Harley rider, is skilled in mechanics and operates Cain's Garage in Shamokin PA. He has an interest in all things automotive and has special knowledge in the area of micro cars. In addition, John is a licensed amateur ham radio operator.

Member Darlene Straub is a skilled rider and perhaps the only female highwheel rider in Pennsylvania. Darlene is a sister to John Poponiak and began riding in 2008.  She joined us for the first time in May, 2009.

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